Online Application

1.Online Application Procedure

The following are some tips on registration. All experts are expected to finish the registration before March 20th, 2023.

Step 1: Account Creation

1)Open the ISS website:

2)Click REGISTRATION at the top right corner


4)Fill in your registration e-mail address

5)Go back to the mailbox and click the link for verification

Step 2: Faculty Login and Registration

1)Click FACULTY LOGIN at the top right corner

2)Input your account and password

3)Complete and upload your information as required

4)Click SAVE and then SUBMIT


The Office of Undergraduate Studies will invite scholars at BFSU to evaluate and select courses for the 2023 BFSU ISS and notify the applicants about the results before March 30th, 2023.


The Office of Undergraduate Studies will update the information of the selected courses (including instructor profile, course description, and course syllabus etc.) to the BFSU ISS website (

4.Course Registration

BFSU will start the procedure to assist your course arrangements in April 2023, depending on the number of students registered for each course. The course will be cancelled if the number of students enrolled in the course is lower than 15 before April 30th, 2023. But the minimum of the number of non-English courses’ students enrolled can be adjusted appropriately.

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