The BFSU Canteen

The BFSU Canteen is a three-story building including a basement. It is next to the School of Chinese Language and Literature. It provides various dishes from different parts of China. Here is a good place for you to explore Chinese food culture. 18 Yuan easily pay for quite a rich meal. The canteen environment is tidy and spacious and provides a pleasant atmosphere.

Library Service

The new Beijing Foreign Studies University library came into operation in June 6th, 2013.

The built-up area of the whole library is 23 thousand square meters, the building is 6 floors high, and is a major architectural landmark on the BFSU campus: the outer walls of the building includes the word ‘Library’ in 55 different languages, in order to express the cultural characteristics and the international dimension of BFSU. The hall’s glass ceiling represents an ocean of knowledge, and allows direct sunlight into the building,, while the stairs in “Books Mountains” shape at the center of the hall prominently expresses the cultural concept that “There is no royal road to learning”. The flexible layout, open spaces, and open shelves interpret perfectly the contemporary concept of a modern library.

The library can accommodate 1,200,000 books, provides more than 2000 seats and over 18 study rooms for its readers, and includes lecture and seminar halls, training classes exhibition rooms, coffee bars and other cultural leisure places. The library reflects the service concept of knowledge acquisition combined with communication. The new library provides a 24 hour self-help book window, as well as self-help printing, copying, scanning, book borrowing and returns self-service facilities. Information stations are placed in various areas to assist and guide users. The different kinds of equipment in the multimedia learning space not only reflect the efforts made by the library management to provide up-to-date services, but also comply with the rapid development in the field of knowledge retrieval.

The new BFSU library provides readers with efficient information services, a vast collection of academic resources, a comfortable studying environment, and other material and digital resources required by both teachers and students.

The library administration and management is subdivided into various offices, such as the document resources department, the catalogue department, the circulation department, the technology department, and the information advisory department. The following are the principals and their contact details:

Operating Department Office Location Principal Telephone E-mail
Curator Mailbox
Office The third office area Mr.Ren Xiaofang 88816645
Interview Department The first office area Ms Fu Guizhen 88816854
Catalogue Department The second office area Mr.Xie Han 88817900
Information Advisory Department The third office area Ms Sun Lin 88816679
Technology Department The fourth office area Mr Huang Jiaping 88816655
Circulation Department The second office area Mr.Zhang Guofeng 88818263
The second office area Mr.Zhang Zhiyun 88818263

Gymnasium Sevice

Combine your studies with practicing a sport you enjoy. Keep fit and make the most of the excellent sporting facilities available on campus.

The gymnasium of BFSU, built in 2008, will help you keep active and enjoy yourself. The impeccable equipment, the spacious and pleasant environment, and the professional curriculum provided, take leisure and fitness to a new level. The gymnasium organizes classes in yoga, aerobic Latin, aerobic exercise, boxing, step aerobics and curriculum practice. You can also find coffee bars, bathrooms and nursery rooms.

The gymnasium centre is divided into 2 parts: outdoor and indoor. Indoor facilities include the training area, the spinning room, the multi-purpose sports hall, the hot yoga room, the bar billiards area, and the table tennis area, whereas the outdoor section comprises the swimming pool. It boasts of=a top professional coaching team for students, teachers and other sport enthusiasts. The staff is very customer-friendly, and the prices are very affordable.