Question 1 . In order to attend BFSU ISS, What kind of Visa should I apply?

Reply: According to the regulations of Chinese embassy or consulate, students that want to attend BFSU ISS must apply the F visa that issued by Chinese embassy or consulate in your country. In order to attend our programme, please apply for correct visa in advance.

Question 2 . During my study at BFSU ISS, do I need to buy insurance?

Reply: On behalf of your health and traffic safety when you study at BFSU ISS, we strongly recommend that every international student should buy health and traffic accident insurance in advance.

Question 3 . Where is BFSU, how can I get there?

Reply: Our university is located in Haidian District of Beijing. There are 3 ways to get there, the first way, you can take Airport Express at Beijing Capital International Airport(BICA), then transfer to line 10 at SAN YUAN QIAO station, then transfer line 4 at HAIDIANHUANGZHUANG station, you should get off the subway at WEICONGCUN station, then walk 1.4km to BFSU. The second way, you can take Airport Shuttle Bus Line 4(BCIA-Gongzhufen) to SUZHOUQIAO station, then walk 600 meters to BFSU. The third way, you can take taxi from BICA to BFSU.

Question 4 . How about the surrounding environment of BFSU?Is it convenient for daily life?

Reply: The transportation and daily-life facilities surroundding our university are convenient. There are two convenient stores in our univertisity, which can meet your most needs. Outside our university, there are many supermarkets, traditional Chinese restaurants, bars and different country restaurants. You can visit and enjoy them easily.