The Key Issues for Foreign Students to Know



We will send all foreign students Application Form of BFSU ISS to fill in and send back to our email together with your passport copy. We will prepare Invitation Letter based on the information of the Form, and send the scan cope of the Letter to your email for you to apply an F or L Visa to China.


  • Arriving and Leaving

The date to come and leave will be decided by your selected course time. Please read the following form.

  • Local travel

All foreign students may arrange by themselves from the Beijing Ariport to BFSU. You could take subway "Ariport Line" to SANYUANQIAO Station, transit to Line 10 to HAIDIANHUANGZHUANG Station, transit to Line 4 to WEIGONGCUN Station.


The accommodation of all foreign students will be arranged in our school. We have a campus hotel in particular for foreign students. The room types include single room, standard room and triple room. 

The date for check in and check out is also depend on your selected course time.

Course Time Arriving and Check in Leaving and Check out
July 4 to 28 July 2 or 3 July 29 or 30
July 4 to 21 July 2 or 3 July 22 or 23
July 4 to 14 July 2 or 3 July 15 or 16
July 17 to 28 July 15 or 16 July 29 or 30


School Life

We will give each of you a temporary school card. You could recharge and pay for food in our school canteen. The school card could also give you access to our Library.


Each student must buy a one-month insurance (around 300RMB) in China. Vaccinations is not compulsory.


Please prepare some cash. You could change a small amount of money at the airport. Further need of cash could be changed in the bank near BFSU.

For the students who could not enjoy tuition waiver, the amount of money that you need to prepare is suggested as follows:

Tuition 4,000RMB/Course
Accomondation 150RMB/a single room/day
Foods in school canteen 30 RMB/day
Local transportation

Subway: 3-9RMB/one way

Bus: 2-7RMB/one way


Other Activites

For all foreign students, other activitess may include Chinese culture and language experience. Detailed information will be found on our website around April.