Leena Taneja
Associate Professor
Zayed University, UAE
Expertise in
Comparative Philosophy/Interdisciplinary Studies
Other Reference


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2018-2020. Research Incentive Award, Zayed University

2014: New Faculty Start Up Grant, Zayed University

2008: National Endowment for the Humanities

2007: Stetson Summer Faculty Grant

2006: Indo-Canada Shastri Grant

Conference Presentations:

Madison Wisconsin South Asian Conference

Beyond Brahmincal Asceticism: A Study of Female Ascetics in the Gaudiya Vaishnava Tradition.

Madison, Wisconsin, OCTOBER, 2017

International Society for Intellectual History

Hindutva: How the Rise of "Essential" Hinduism is Shaping Modern India's Political.

Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, May, 2017

Association of Asian Studies

Prasad: Eating God's Leftovers.

Toronto, Canada, March, 2017

University of Bucharest : Mythmaking in the 21st Century

Two Tales of Resistance

Romaina, Bucharest, May, 2016

Second Asian Conference on Arts, Humaniites, and Sustainability

In Search of Ecological Awareness in Chaitanya Vaishnavism.

Kobe, Japan, 2015

International Conference on Language, Literature, and Culture

Hindu Identity as a Site of Liminality

Isparta, Turkey, 2015

American Academy of Religion Southeastern Regional Meeting

White Hindus, Indian Hindus: Gender, Race, and Ethnicity in the Iskcon Movement

Greenville, NC, March 2013

American Academy of Religion Southeastern Regional Meeting

Resurrecting Braj : Engaged Vaishnavism as Environmental Theology

Atlanta, GA, March 2012

University of Florida, Gainesville

Signifiance of Gujarati in the Study of Global Indian Culture (panelist)

Gainesville, FL, Sept. 2011

Daytona State College

Polyvalent Sacred Space : Experiencing the Sacred Mountain of Govardhan

Daytona Beach, FL, March 2011

The University of Central Florida

Shiva and Krishna : Dance and Culture

Orlando, FL, Nov. 2010

Madison-Wisconsin South Asian Conference

“Expecting the Unexpected : The Secret of the Gift in Gaudiya Vaishnavism”

Madison, WI, Oct. 2009

The American Academy of Religion (national conference)

Panel: Configuring Hindu Communities Beyond India (presiding)

Chicago, IL, Nov. 2008

The American Academy of Religion (national conference)

“Guru Speaks ! ”

Chicago, IL, Nov. 2008