Andrey Mikhailitchenko
Associate Professor
California State University, USA
Expertise in
Integrated Marketing Communications
Other Reference

Education Background:

2003-2008, Cleveland State University, USA

PhD, DBA, Marketing

2000-2002, Syracuse University, USA


1979-1984, Moscow State University, USSR,

Bachelor, World Economy;

1984-1985, 北京外国语学院 Chinese Language

Working Experience

2009-present California State University Faculty

2003-2009 Continent Trading Co. (Moscow, Russia) Board of Directors Member

1993-2003 Continent Trading Co. (Moscow, Russia) CEO

1992-1993 Roski Trading Co. (Moscow, Russia) Vice General Manager

1986-1992 Institute of World Economy & International Relations (USSR) Research Analyst

1985-1986 State Committee for Foreign Economic Relations (USSR) Interpreter, Chinese language

Major Achievements


Sadovnikova, A., Pujari, D., and Mikhailitchenko, A. (2016) “Radical Innovation in Strategic Partnerships: A Framework for Analysis”, Journal of Business Research, Vol.69, No.5, 1829-1833.

Tootelian, D., Mikhailitchenko, A., Gaedeke, R., and Holst, C. (2016) “How Much Segmentation is Needed in the Healthcare Marketplace? An Exploratory Study of HMO and Non-HMO Customers”, Health Marketing Quarterly, Vol.33, No.1, 31-47.

Mikhailitchenko, A. and Varshney, S. (2016) “Russian Foreign Trade under New Wave of Political Pressure: A Glance from Inside”, AIB Insights, Vol.16, No.2, 6-9.

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Mikhailitchenko, A. and Sadovnikova, A. (2015) “Symbiotic vs Commensal Networking: The Case of Textile SMEs in China and Russia”, Organizations and Markets in Emerging Economies, Vol.6, No.1 (11), 29-43.

Sadovnikova, A., Mikhailitchenko, A., and Shapiro, S. (2014) “Consumer Protection in Postwar Canada: Role and Contributions of the Consumers' Association of Canada to the Public Policy Process”, Journal of Consumer Affairs, Vol.48, No.2, 380-402.

Mikhailitchenko, A., Tootelian, D., Mikhailitchenko, G. (2012) "Exploring Saturation Levels for Sponsorship Logos on Professional Sport Uniforms: A Cross-Cultural Study" International Journal of Sports Marketing & Sponsorship, Vol.13, No.2, 267-281.

Tootelian, D., Varshney, S., and Mikhailitchenko, A. (2012) “Can Producing and Marketing Healthy Foods Create a Healthy Economy? An Exploratory Study of California” Journal of Food Products Marketing, Vol.18, No.3, 242-256.


Organizations and Markets in Emerging Economies Journal, Editorial Board member;

The 2016-2017 Outstanding Scholarly and Creative Activity Award (CSU Sacramento)

The Faculty Development Grant (2015, CSU Sacramento)

The Pedagogy Enhancement Award (2011, CSU Sacramento)

Alpha Kappa Epsilon Society (2004, Cleveland State University)

The Simon Keller Award (2002, Syracuse University);

Beta Gamma Sigma Society (2001, Syracuse Chapter);

Honors Diploma (1984, Moscow State University)