Niels Hahn
University of London
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Since 2013 to present, in different positions: Lecturer, Course Convenor, and Distance Learning Supervisor at the University of London.

2007 and 2012 in different periods of time: Senior Teaching Fellow at SOAS, University of London, while writing my PhD.

Since 2002 to 2007, in different positions: Board of Directors of Doctors Without Borders (MSF), Country Administrator, and coordinator of operational programmes in Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Liberia, Somalia, and Sudan.

Published detailed academic articles on US covert and overt operations in Africa, by using Liberia as an example, and based on primary sources. This has made me among the top 0.5 most read researchers on for around 6 months over two periods. At the time to writing the work is among top 3 percent.

Following articles has been translated and published into Chinese:

Hahn, N. 2017. American Colonisation of Liberia, and Firestone. Social Sciences Academic Press (China), 2017. In process of publication is not published already.

Hahn, N. 2014.论美 国在利 比里亚隐蔽和 公开 的行动 ,  

从 2 0 世纪 7 0 年代到 2 0 0 3 年 (“US Covert and Overt Operations in Liberia from the 1970s to 2003).Social Sciences Academic Press (China), 2014, pp. 75-104.

Hahn, N. (2014). 泛非主义和反对新殖民主义的斗争- 中国非洲研究评论(Pan-Africanism and the Original Conceptualisation of Neocolonialism). Annual Review of African Studies in China, Peking University Press, 2014.

Hahn, N. 2011. 利用名人当工具的心理战争(The Use of Celebrities in Psychological Warfare). Annual Review of African Studies in China (中国非洲研究评论 2011). Peking University Press