Lidia Peralta García
Autonomous University of Barcelona
Expertise in
Media Studies
Other Reference

Phd in Journalism at the Faculty of Sciences of Communication of Malaga (Spain).

Full professor and researcher at the Department of Journalism of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB).

She is a member of the research group on Communication and Education, lead by Prof. José Manuel Pérez Tornero, at the same university.

She teaches Communication and Education, Intercultural Communication, Travel Journalism, Journalistic Writing, Research Methods in Journalism.

She is also a professor at the Master of Communication and Education, Master of Travel Journalism and Master of Investigation in Communication and Journalism.

Her main lines of research deal with the use of interactivity for social change, the representation of African migrations in the Spanish documentaries and the educational potential of digital narratives.

She has been working for more than ten years for Tesis, a cultural and educational program of the Spanish Public Television. She is a documentary filmmaker. She has directed more than ten documentaries, many of them filmed in Africa, which were internationally broadcasted and awarded. She has been awarded by the Andalusian TV Journalistc Award 2013 by her documentary: Una Casa para Bernarda Alba (A House for Bernarda Alba).