Enrique Dussel Peters
Universidad NacionalAutónoma de México (UNAM)
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Professor at the Graduate School of Economics, Universidad NacionalAutónoma de México (UNAM), 1993 to present.

Consultant for several Mexican and international institutions. B.A. and M.A. in Political Science at the Free University of Berlin, and Ph.D. in Economics at the University of Notre Dame.

Research topics: economic development, political economy, industrial organization and trade theory, TPP, NAFTA and CAFTA, evolution of industrial, trade and regional patterns in Latin America and Mexico.

Research on specific segments of commodity chains such as pineapples, lemons, electronics, yarn-textile-garments, autoparts-automobiles and pharmaceutical, among others, and increasingly with a comparative (Latin America/Mexico-China) perspective.

Conducted a group of studies and respective publications of China´s overseas foreign direct investment (OFDI) in Latin America and Mexico and of Mexican firms in China. Coordinator of the Center for Chinese-Mexican Studies at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (since 2006) (, and Coordinator of the Academic Network of Latin American and Caribbean on China (RED ALC-CHINA,

Taught more than 200 courses since 1993 (in fields of research), 38 books (both as author and/or as coordinator), 135 chapters in books and more than 300 articles in journals and newspapers, as well as more than 600 presentations and participations in seminars and workshops since 1993.