Judith Ann Ainsworth
Associate Professor
the UK
Aston University
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Education Background:

Ph.D. Education (option didactique/Applied Linguistics), Université de Montréal, 2012

D.E.A. Linguistics, Université de Provence, Aix-Marseille I, 1985

M.A. Linguistics & Translation, University of New Brunswick, 1984

Refereed Journal Articles

2016 Ainsworth, J. Student-led Project Teams: significance of regulation strategies in high- and low-performing teams, Journal of Management Education, March 2, 2016, DOI: 10.1177/1052562916630575.

2014 Ainsworth, J. The “why” and “how” of task-based language learning for an advanced Business French course, Global Business Languages, 19, Article 9. Available at:

2013 Ainsworth, J. Business languages for intercultural and international business communication: a Canadian case study. Business and Professional Communication Quarterly, 76(1), 28-50. DOI: 10.1177/1080569912471186.

2012 Ainsworth, J. Integrating methods and strategies from language teaching and business studies in Languages for Specific Business Purposes courses. Global Advances in Business Communication, 1(1), Article 7. Available at:

Book Chapters

2012 Ainsworth, J. The competitive advantage of learning Languages for Specific Business Purposes. In P. Heynderickx, S. Dieltjens, G. Jacobs, P. Gillaerts, & E. de Groot (Eds.), The Language Factor in International Business: New Perspectives on Research, Teaching and Practice (pp. 91-111). Bern: Peter Lang Linguistic Insights, Studies in Language and Communication.


2009-12 Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Joseph-Armand Bombardier Scholarship ($105,000).

2009 Award for Best Paper

Integrating Methods and Strategies from Language Teaching and Business Studies in Languages for Specific Business Purposes Courses. First Tri-continental Conference on Global Advances in Business and Communication (GABC).


2016-17 Research Grant, Team-Based Learning Collaborative: Team-Based Learning in Communication Courses for Accounting Graduates: Investigating Student Engagement, Accountability, and Satisfaction ($5000)