Jonathan G. Bayley
University of Windsor
Expertise in
Social Science
Other Reference

Graduate of McGill University (BMus), University of Alberta (BEd, MMus), University of Rochester (MM), The Ohio State University (PhD)

Taught at The Ohio State University (USA), University of Regina (Canada), University of Windsor (Canada)

Former Associate Dean of Education, Research, and Continuing Education; Director of the School of Music; Acting Director of the Joint PhD Program, Coordinator of the China/Canada reciprocal Learning exchange

Supervised and taught numerous Canadian and Chinese undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Windsor

Published articles relating to reciprocal (cross-cultural) learning between China and Canada (2011, 2017)

Actively involved in the Reciprocal Learning Program (SSHRC Grant) involving an exchange of students between Southwest University in Chongqing and the University of Windsor, Canada (2013-2016)

Presented at numerous international conferences in the United States of America, Ireland, Scotland (ISME, 2016), Greece, and China (Tsinghua University, 2014)

Coordinator for the Chinese Visiting Scholar to University of Windsor (2016-2017)

Courses taught (Music Methodology and Music Teachable, applied music [conducting, flute performance, wind ensemble, etc.], Rudiments of Music, Research Design (Survey, qualitative, & quantitative), Educational Research (International) Internship, etc.