Wolfgang Däubler
University of Bremen
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Professor of German and European Labour Law, Civil Law and Commercial Law at the University of Bremen

Working experience in the elaboration of the Chinese Labour Contract Law in 2006 and 2007

Teaching foreign students as a guest professor in Paris (1987 and 1990), Antwerpen (1994), Bordeaux (1995), Austin/Tx. (1994), Shanghai (Tongji; 2006 – 2009), Trento (2006 – 2007), Beijing (BFSU, 2006 three months; CUPL, 2010 – 2014, one month a year); Sevilla (2012 – 2016)

Specialist in the field of Labour Market Policy and research; member of the international experts´ commission established by the Third Memorandum between the “Institutions” and Greece elaborating proposals for a better structure of the Greek labour market (2016)

Numerous publications in the field of Labour Law, EC Law, Civil Law and Data Protection Law

Teaching a course on legal terminology at BFSU in 2006

Publications in Chinese:

Collective Labour Law in Germany, Gongren Publishing House, Beijing, 2009

Collective Wages Bargaining Mechanism in Germany (Social Sciences Academic Press), Beijing 2014

German Labour Law. A Treatise, Renmin Publishing House, Shanghai 2015

Main Research fields:

Digitalisation of work and life; Globalisation and its repercussions on the Nation State

Activities outside the university:

Consultation with Trade Unions, works councils, enterprises and foundations on legal questions, normally labour law

Mediator in conciliation boards (Einigungsstellen) which decide conflicts between management and works councils

Expert on data protection law in the Lipobay (Baycol)-Case in a US-Court (2003)

Handling of labour law cases at the German Constitutional Court (2016 – 2017)

Member of the Supervisory Board of the “Bremer Landesbank” (1987 – 2017)