Course Title:Art and Myth in the Greco-Roman World

Course No. SUM19163
Class No. 2
Credit 2
Course Hours 32
Venue West Campus, Comprehensive Building, Room 465

The course focuses on the mythological stories, characters and plots of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds, and explores how these are fashioned in relation to their artistic depiction. The major Greek and Roman myths are examined and the formation of myth in interaction with artistic preferences and trends is analysed. At the same time, the course examines the employment and manipulation of art, and of mythology in relation to art, by political and civic institutions. Narratives of ancient literature and works of art are analysed in their interrelationship, and through the assistance of theories of anthropology, art history and politics. An introduction to the history of art and to the basic methods of analysing art and studying its reception politics across the centuries is provided. The instruction will be based on lectures (lecture course), while the students will be encouraged to participate actively in the class discussions. The assessment of the course will be based on two written examinations (a midterm and a final exam) and two short quizzes.

Teaching Language English
Field The Module of General Education Courses: Literature, Art and Culture Studies
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