a) When the ISS course selection starts, undergraduates have the priority to select the course. The regulations of the course selection priority and administration are the same as the General Education courses.


a) Courses offered during BFSU ISS will be 2-credit courses. 32 hours equal 2 credit.

b) Since the duration of summer session is very short, courses will be taught intensively. For BFSU students, the credit limit of everyone is 4 credits in four years to ensure the teaching quality. Once a student completes selecting his/her courses, no change is allowed. The credits received in the ISS can be transferred into the credits of General Education course.

c) For non-BFSU students, the ISS credits can be accredited by BFSU when applying a degree in BFSU.


d) The grading regulations are the same as the BFSU Administration Regulations of Undergraduate Enrollment. Course assessments could be close tests, oral tests, essays and reading reports, etc., in accordance to specific objectives of different courses. Performance will be graded according to both the assessment result and in-class evaluation. The full mark is 100.

e) Students' attendance in the class and exam will be taken into consideration for grading. Any absence of the exam will be grade as 0, which will be recorded in the transcript.


e) The unified transcript will be offered by BFSU ISS upon completion.

Score Grade Grade Point per Credit
90-100 A 4.0
85-89 B+ 3.7
82-84 B 3.3
78-81 B- 3.0
75-77 C+ 2.7
72-74 C 2.3
68-71 C- 2.0
64-67 D+ 1.5
60-63 D 1.0