Course Title:Cross-Cultural Negotiations

Course No. SUM19216
Class No. 2
Credit 2
Course Hours 32
Venue West Campus, Comprehensive Building, Room 453

A prominent idea within the globalization studies is that differences in cultures, values, norms, beliefs, practices, even languages are disappearing. Accordingly, the world is in the process of turning into a melting pot, consisting of people belonging to the same whole, as an undifferentiated mass. In such hypothetical world, the argument goes on, there would be no need for cross-cultural studies as there would be only one, dominant culture. This class disagrees with such dystopias. Cultural differences and diversity are and will remain a part of humanity. Today, there are immense forces operating to connect each and every individual from all parts of the globe, and at the same time separating them further apart. In today’s globalized world, a well-informed citizen increasingly needs necessary sills to successfully communicate and negotiate with members of other cultures and nations, whether at the transnational level in business, government, or simply personal. Thus, this class aims to demonstrate the significance of cross-cultural communication and negotiation

Teaching Language English
Field The Module of Courses with Disciplinary Orientation: Communication and Media Studies
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