Course Title:Innovation and Design Thinking

Course No. SUM19218
Class No. 2
Credit 2
Course Hours 32
Venue West Campus, Comprehensive Building, Room 443

Including but not restricted to course objectives and topics, teaching methods (lecture course or seminar course), and a brief description of assessment The module is about entrepreneurship and design thinking. This module aim to decompose the concepts of innovation. However, those concepts will be translated into a business strategy and the usefulness of the strategy for a firm in rapidly changing markets and global context. While the module takes a broad view of innovation and look at process of innovation as well as the creation of ideas, students will be encouraged to explore a range of different perspectives to develop solution. In addition, a new approach – design thinking will be introduced to show how innovative solution can be generated by having a close understanding on customer’s need.

Teaching Language English
Field The Module of Courses with Disciplinary Orientation: Communication and Media Studies
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