Course Title:Principles of Microeconomics

Course No. SUM17303
Class No. 1
Credit 2
Course Hours 32
Teacher Donna M. Anderson
Title Professor
Venue Room 365 Comprehensive Building, West Campus

Principles of Microeconomics (UW-L 110) is a seminar course designed to introduce students to the central ideas in the field of microeconomics. The primary objective of this course is to develop the ability to think like an economist in order to better understand how markets allocate resources to where they are most wanted and how governments can affect the provision and prices of goods, services, and resources. The topics covered include: consumer behavior, producer behavior, market failures, and government policies. Approximately half of the course will be devoted to learning theoretical models and the other half will be devoted to applying these models to real world problems. Throughout the semester students will be expected to demonstrate their progress in meeting the learning objectives through a wide variety of activities, including classroom assignments, homework assignments, midterm exams, a final exam, and class discussions.

Teaching Language English
Field Economics
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