Fees and Payment

➢ Application Fee: 600 RMB (free for BFSU students)

➢ Tuition Fee: 4,000 RMB for one course (2 credits), 8,000 RMB for two courses (4 credits) All BFSU degree students will enjoy application and tuition gratis!

➢ For each BFSU partner university and Confucius Institute, two students will enjoy tuition waiver at the recommendation of their affiliated institution, and the other students will enjoy 40% discount of the Tuition Fee.

➢ Other students will enjoy 20% discount if finishing payment before June 6.


➢ Any refund should be approved by BFSU.

➢ Please contact BFSU ISS Office on 86 10 88815931 to apply refund.

If the course has been canceled

100% Refund

On or Before June 30

95% refund of tuition

Before half of the course

50% refund of tuition

After half of the course

No refund

Online Payment Instruction

Please view “Payment Procedure” carefully, and read all the information over in details as follows to pay the fees online.

Payment by Wechat is most recommended.

Payment by PayEase needs the following preparation:

1. The bank card held by the prospective student must have been opened online payment function. This function is usually activated at bank teller.

2. The bank card that prospective students used should be included in the bank card opened by PayEase Payment platform for online payment system of BFSU ISS.

3. For those prospective students who have no experience of online payment, be sure to read bank card usage instructions and operate accordingly.

4. For better operation, PayEase Platform suggest prospective students use following cards for online payment。

Payment Procedure

Payment Enquiry

Please contact us to check payment status or consult problems:

Tel: 86 10 88816443 (Mon to Fri 08:30-17:30 on service)

Email: summerschool@bfsu.edu.cn