The BFSU International Summer Session is an international course programme which mainly featured in multi-language studies and area studies.

Our Courses

➢ Interdisciplinary courses – Provide courses ranging from economics, politics, linguistics, art, philosophy, literature, to area study, international relations, Chinese study and so on.

➢ Various teaching languages – Cater for those with specific language interests, as most courses are taught in English while others in German, Spanish, French, Russian and so on.

➢ Diversified teaching approaches – Deliver themed plenary lectures, workshops, forums and free talks, to exchange and to extend your knowledge of your chosen subjects.

➢ International learning atmosphere – You will be part of an international community of students encouraged to discuss, debate and develop your own understanding.

Our Teaching Staff

➢ Experienced professors and associate professors who are leading figures in their field studies, from internationally renowned universities

➢ From all over the world such as the USA, the UK, Germany, Australia, Spain, Czech, Slovakia, Latvia, Serbia, Slovenia, Hungary, Columbia, Arab, ect.

Studying at BFSU ISS

➢ Intensive study – Since the duration of summer session is very short, courses will be taught intensively. All the courses are academically rigorous and require you to prepare for your studies in advance

➢ Wonderful experience – Cultural interchange is intense and bidirectional. Culture exchanges and friendship could be realized through pair-works, debates and communications between Chinese and international students.