The 2021 International Summer Session - Course List


Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) is a prestigious university in China under the direct leadership of the Chinese Ministry of Education. It is one of China’s top universities listed under the Project 985 and Project 211, both comprising top universities in China. It is one of China’s oldest foreign studies universities,teaching  the biggest number of languages and offering education programs at different levels. BFSU now serves as an important educational base in China for qualified professionals with excellent foreign language competence who, after graduation, work as diplomats, translators/interpreters, businessmen, journalists, lawyers, bankers, etc. For example, among BFSU alumni who work or have worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we have over 400 ambassadors and over 1000 counselors. BFSU is thus known as the “Cradle of Diplomats”.

Since 2016, BFSU has successfully held International Summer Session (ISS) with more than 124 courses in total and accepted over 1,514 students domestically and worldwide. Every year, apart from academic training, our ISS program also organizes various cultural activities through which all participants can discover and explore Chinese traditional art as well as exchange and discuss ideas. Activities such as Beijing City Tour, learning Chinese medicine, watching Peking Opera, visiting the National Museum etc. are always very popular.

1.Course Selection Policy

  • BFSU Students: All BFSU students are allowed to register for 2 courses (4 credits in total) during their program period. Given limited classroom capacity, undergraduates will enjoy priority upon registration.
  • Non-BFSU Students: The Office of Undergraduate Studies offers official ISS  certificate and transcript for all non-BFSU students.

Please notice: students can always register for courses and withdraw at anytime before the course registration system closes. Courses with less than 15 students registered will be canceled and the minimum number of registered students for non-English courses can be smaller.

2.Credit Transfer Policy

For BFSU students, all ISS course credits fall into the category of the Module of General Education. Credits of the courses with additional Disciplinary Course Module identification can be transferred to other modules with the Credit Transfer Application.

3.Class Schedule

The 2021 BFSU International Summer Session is scheduled from July 5 to July 30, 2021, 4 weeks in total, with no classes held on Monday and at the weekends. Given the ongoing pandemic, for the sake of the health and security of all the teachers and students, the 2021 ISS will take place online, recorded or via live broadcast in Beijing Time (GMT+8). BFSU provides a very flexible course type schedule and the specific date and time for each course can be found on our official website (

4.Course List and Modules

2021 ISS covers the area of politics, philosophy, economics, management, aethetics, law, linguitics, sociology, regional study, etc., with experts from UK, USA, Canada, Spain, Singapre, Germany, Greece and Japan.

5.Grade and Transcript

Normally, students can access the ISS student system for their course grades in late August and early September. Official transcript for non-BFSU students is as follows:

6.Tuition and Fees

       1.Registration Fee

600 registration fee is required and shall not be double charged if student applies for 2 courses (4 credits). Registration fee is non-refundable.

       2.Tuition Fee

We strongly recommend students to pay before 2021/5/17 to enjoy our early-bird discount. All payment should be done before 2021/6/7, when our online payment system is closed.

       3.Registration and Tuition Fee Waiver

     The BFSU ISS registration and tuition fees are completely waived to the following students:

  • Currently enrolled BFSU students (maximum course selected is 2 or equally 4 credits);
  • Recommended students from BFSU Partner Universities or Confucius Institutes (up to 2 students or 8 credits every  partner university or Confucius Institute);


Other tuition fee waiver policies are as follows:

  • Students who finish online payment before 2021/5/17 will enjoy 20% off;
  • BFSU Partner Universities or Confucius Institutes students who are not included in the recommendation list will enjoy another 25% off.


Course Registration: April 5-May 3, 2021

Payment Period: May 3- June 7, 2021

ISS Program: July 5-July 30, 2021

Official Website:


         2021 BFSU ISS Brochure暑假国际小学期宣传册

         BFSU ISS Application Form for Recommended Students暑假国际小学期合作院校学生推荐表