Course Title:Transmedia Narrative Design: Analysis, Strategies, and Production

Course No. SUM19220
Class No. 2
Credit 2
Course Hours 32
Venue West Campus, Comprehensive Building, Room 402

This seminar introduces participants in the world of transmedia narratives. After a general introduction of the distinctive features of this kind of stories, the seminar presents a series of examples of transmedia storytelling experiences (fiction and nonfiction) to understand the logic behind this narrative strategy. The examples include from blockbuster experiences (Star Trek, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel, etc.) to transmedia journalism and transmedia documentary projects. Every day the course will open with a short lecture by the professor and will continue with a series of practical activities. During the seminar the participants will develop a transmedia narrative project working in groups of no more than three students. The project may be oriented to fiction or nonfiction narratives. The story to be expanded may be of own creation or it may be worked from an existing narrative world (novel, videogame, film, comic,etc.). Each project should also include a strategy for encouraging and managing usergenerated contents. In parallel, participants will write a short paper analysing a local transmedia narrative. The final objective of the seminar is to make participants "think in transmedia" and apply the basic principles of transmedia narrative design and research.

Teaching Language English
Field The Module of Courses with Disciplinary Orientation: Communication and Media Studies
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