Course Title:Socioeconomic Relationship Between Latin America & the Caribbean with China

Course No. SUM17304
Class No. 1
Credit 2
Course Hours 32
Teacher Enrique Dussel Peters
Title Professor
Venue Room 302 Comprehensive Building, West Campus

The objective of this course is to understand general and detailed topics in the current Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) and China socioeconomic relationship since the 1990s and particularly in the fields of trade and foreign direct investments (FDI). The course will begin with a group of conceptual debates in development theory and data sources for trade and FDI (week 1). In the second and third weeks the course will examine details of LAC-China relationship –in general and for a group of LAC-countries-, particularly (but not only) in the fields of trade and FDI, as well as overall strategies in China and the respective LAC countries. The final week (week 4) will present and discuss the main results, challenges and proposals to improve the LAC-China relationship, including suggestions in the fields of trade, financing, FDI and infrastructure projects. The course is aimed at undergraduate students with no prerequisite requirements and a seminar-type of course is preferred, i.e. a one in which the instructor begins with a group of concepts and main topics (weeks 1 and 2), but also in which students will participate through group-presentations (weeks 3 and 4)

Teaching Language English
Field Area Study
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