Course Title:Introduction to German Philosophy

Course No. SUM17201
Class No. 1
Credit 2
Course Hours 32
Teacher WANG Ge
Title Lecturer
Venue Room 602 Comprehensive Building, West Campus

The distinguished tradition of German Philosophy has substantially affected worldwide modern philosophy. The introductory course of German Philosophy will provide a comprehensive account of the key ideas and arguments of modern German philosophy and its main affiliated movements in history. It will address questions such as the relationships between human and animal, reason and emotion, body and soul, knowledge and faith, and scientific, ethical, and artistic ways of seeing the world. It introduces in a selection of significant texts which are cen-tral for philosophical questions (Max Scheler, Platon, René Descartes, Karl Popper, Thomas von Aquin, Immanuel Kant, Martin Heidegger, Ludwig Landgrebe). It will give readers a flavor of some of the greatest works of philosophy and provides expert guidance for those who want to read the original works themselves. The seminar will concentrate on a very close and careful reading of short samples by each author. It will try to elucidate their major conceptual innovations, placing them in historical and cultural context. The participants should be able to understand German fluently and be willing to work with abstract texts. A reader will be provided in advance. The final assessment of the 2-credit-course will be the quality of presentations and a short essay. Conducted in Ger-man (and if necessary in English).

Teaching Language German
Field Philosophy
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